From the beginning, our company’s main activity has been the production and marketing of garlic in its many varieties. This production takes place in the Cuenca, Albacete and Ciudad Real and Toledo provinces where the land and climate are particularly suited to its cultivation, especially for purple garlic production, which is our most-sold variety.

To ensure the whole process from beginning to end, our company purchases seeds to be grown later on from AJOS DEL MONCAYO S.L, a company which we fully own and which was created with the exclusive aim of producing garlic seeds. Production takes place on high altitude land, which has never been used before for growing garlic, guaranteeing virus and disease-free seeds.

We also sell shallots, French onions, dried peppers and derivatives.

Another key activity of our company is the packaging and marketing of nuts, dried fruits, candied fruits, chocolate-coated fruits, aperitifs, seeds and berries.